Turkey is one of those countries that immediately gets under the travelling photographers skin. Vast landscapes, Awe inspiring architecture, And a deep rich history, with cities that are madly busy, yet vibrant and modern. The people, a result of the continual East-West mix are diverse, interesting and amazingly friendly. You are guaranteed to leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Travelling in the shoulder season, we take full advantage of stable weather, and less crowded locations, to photograph the full diversity of Turkey. 

The Turkey tour is a small group tour (maximum of 8 people) so contact us now, if you are interested in joining the group.


CUBA 2018

Cuba can only be described as a photographers dream location. With people, history, culture and landscapes. The country offers an unprecedented look into the past. The people are friendly, the architecture is stunning, and the culture is diverse, and blended together in a Caribbean island location.

Change in Cuba at this time is happening at an unprecedented rate. And for photographers, visiting this country has now become a "get in now!" before it changes forever location.

Cuba is proving to be a very popular with enquiries. All of our tours are now small group tours (maximum of 8 people) so now is the time to contact us, if you are interested in joining the group.



This photography adventure is based in the Northern Hemisphere winter. Shorter days, provide long hours of dawn and dusk light, providing amazing photographic opportunities, surrounded by a rugged winter landscape like no other. And includes the opportunity to experience once in a life time activities such as snow mobiling, dog sledding, whale watching, visiting the world famous Ice Hotel, and of course Aurora hunting.

As with all our tours, it is open to all skill levels, and non photographing partners.

The Artic Circle tour is a small group tour (maximum of 8 people), so contact us NOW!, if you are interested in joining the group.